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Hacked Website Repair

hacked website repairWe Fix Hacked Websites

Starting at $499

Has your website been hacked? Don't worry, it happens to the best of us. We've been fixing hacked websites for over a decade, and have seen it all, from simple malware infections, to SQL Injections, we have the tools and know-how to repair your website, and protect it from further attacks.

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Fast Turnaround

Fast Turnaround

Our Turn-Around Time is second to none, with a standard cleanup taking only a few hours to days.
Web Developers

Web Developers

Our site security specialists are full time web developers, familiar with every CMS platform, programming language and hosting service. If we can't recover your site, we can rebuild it from scratch if necessary.
Best Firewall

Best Firewall

Our Firewall includes millions of known hackers, and is updated constantly from online reporting, blacklist, and monitored sites. No one has a more comprehensive list of hacker IPs in the market.
No Recurring Fees

No Recurring Fees

One Time Payment for cleanup! No recurring charges, fees or costs.
SEO Specialists

SEO Specialists

We make sure none of your SEO elements, plugins or content is affected by the cleanup process. We can also add SEO plugins, and optimize your entire site for an extra fee.
Hacker Blocker System

Hacker Blocker System

We block over a billion known hackers, spammers and bots with our proprietary Firewall, Hacker BlockerĀ®. New attacks and reported, vetted and added to our Firewall in real time, and update our clients every 15 minutes.

The Process

First, we need to speak to you on the phone to get the entire story about the hack, plugins you're running and general information about the website. Then, we go to work, scrubbing files, cleaning malware and scanning for vulnerabilities to eliminate, either by updating the software or recommending replacements.

  • Update WordPress / Joomla CMS Core Files
  • Update any Extensions or Plugins
  • Scan all files for Malware, PHP changes
  • Scan and Repair Databases
  • Install Detection and Backup Plugins

Once cleaned and patched up, we can either transfer it to our Hacker Blocker Hosting, or work with you on your own server to increase security and lock out millions of hackers. Call us today to get started at 1-866-570-1003

Common types of attacks

Malware Infection - Hackers upload a virus, ransomware or Trojan, which can have various effects; from gathering credit card information from your customers to redirecting them to another site entirely. Malware can be difficult to clean out, as many are programmed to replicate themselves and 'jump' to other folders when discovered.

DDoS (Denial of Service) Attacks - This kind of attack is designed to load y9our website thousands of times per second, overloading your server and crashing the site. We determine the source of the attacks, verify their IP addresses and block them from your website - permanently. We then configure your site to automatically detect and block future DDoS attacks.

SQL Injections - CMS Sites like WordPress and Joomla use MYSQL Databases to store data. Hackers attempt to place a SQL Query in your database to make it do what they want, like dumping your entire client list into a file and sending it to them. This can be very dangerous to any sized organization, and you would be surprised how many plugins are out there that are susceptible to this kind of attack.

Phishing can cause you or an employee to inadvertently give hacker sensitive information, disguised as a real site like a bank or shopping site. Passwords, bank info, even just your email address can be gleaned and sold to the highest bidder. Changing your passwords after being hacked is Step One. We can determine quickly if your site's passwords have been compromised, rather than a hack.


Basic WordPress Hack Fixes start at $499 per site, but can cost as much as thousands for Enterprise-Level sites. Please call our offices now for a real time quote.

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