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Hacker Blocker for WindowsThe team behind Hacker Blocker is made of web developers, internet engineers, software developers and IT experts dedicated to stopping hackers for the greater good.

Our Mission is to make Hacking an act that gets you BLOCKED by every major system in the world. Imagine if Google, Amazon, Facebook and other major sites would block you from them if you tried to hack a little old lady or corporate server. Being a Hacker would mean possible ostracizing from the entire Internet. Thats is our Goal.

Welcome to Trig Web Design
Trig Web Design

creators of Hacker Blocker

The team at Trig Web Design are much more than just web developers and graphic artists. For over 20 years, Trig has been in the Information Technology sector providing computer hardware expertise, software development, advanced networking, Internet engineering and website development. Our clients have included Fortune 100 companies, Universities, Municipalities and even the US Military.

We have turned our considerable skills and knowledge to stopping the plague called Hacking that is threatening our security, our identities, and even our very democracy. Our team is dedicated to making the Internet hacker and spammer free, and will continue to improve and update Hacker Blocker for years to come.

Why We Created Hacker Blocker

We created Hacker Blocker because our own servers were being attacked every day by hackers and spammers, increasing server load and filling our email boxes with spam. When one of our websites was hacked in 2015 we decided enough was enough.

After we cleaned up the server and updated our security, we discovered that our server firewall didn't block hacker IPs without us entering them in, one by one. So, we started tracking attacks on our websites, vetting the attacker IPs, then entering them into our Firewall, every day. Our developers found ways to automate the process, and combine our list with AbuseIPDB's, instead of waiting for hackers to find us.

After months of work, we have compiled a list of thousands of IPs that have attacked our servers, and verified them through reporting agencies. Our overall attacks have dropped from 7000+ per day to less than 5, and server processor usage has dropped 85%.

We now offer access to our HoneyPot to everyone, including Windows® Servers, PCs and Laptops, and Linux based webservers. Hacker  Blocker is the only Windows Firewall Updating service that blocks thousands of known IPs used by Hackers and Spammers automatically. Subscribers can download the latest version for Windows®, and files to protect websites, WHM webservers and 3rd party firewalls.

Our Story

In 1996, Trig opened Trig Tech Computer Systems in Long Island, NY, a retail computer building and repair shop. Since then we have grown and changed, focusing our talents on Internet development, web design and security. Today, we are a premiere web and software development company, with a distinguished list of clients both large and small.

What we do

Trig Web Design is a web development company that also provides advanced IT services and software development. While we have created many applications over the years for our clients, Hacker  Blocker is the first software we created for the entire world. Our mission is to eradicate hackers and spammers from the web, and protect our digital lives.

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