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  • The Problem

    The Problem

    We Are Under Attack, Right Now

    Businesses and Websites across the country are under constant attack, causing slow-downs, overloads and worse. Hacking and spamming attacks have increased dramitically in recent months, but no one has addressed the real solution - block the hackers.

Hacker Blocker Hosting Services

The Most Secure Hosting in America

Hacker Blocker Hosting is a VPS Hosting, Website Maintenance and SEO company that utilizes the Hacker Blocker Firewall system to keep hackers off your website, increasing speed and performance. Our packages include our proprietary Firewall, detection software, and reporting systems to protect your website from hackers, spammers and bad bots. Our VPS servers are super-fast, have 99.999% uptime and all the bells and whistles you expect from VPS Hosting.

What is "Hacker Blocker"?

Hacker Blocker is the culmination of 6 years of research and development in blocking hackers, spammers and bad bots. Websites are being bombarded every day with fake logins, registrations, admin login attempts and higher-level attacks that can slow them down to a crawl.

Hacker Blocker is a Firewall Updating Service that detects attacks, researches the IP Address they come from, then block that IP or entire network from our servers. We then syndicate that blacklist to all of our servers every 5 minutes, protecting thousands of websites from just one of them being attacked.

Websites that switch to Hacker Blocker Hosting see as much as a 300% increase in site speed, and significant drops in spam.

3 Layers of Protection

Hacker Blocker Firewall

Hacker Blocker Firewall

The Hacker Blocker Firewall is our proprietary firewall system comprised of over one billion IP addresses of reported hackers, spammers and bots from around the world.

Server-Side Security

Server-Side Security

Our servers have optimized ModSecurity and are monitored for suspicious activity. Bad-acting IP addresses are researched and added to the Hacker Blocker Firewall in real-time.

Site Detection & Reporting

Site Detection & Reporting

We use standard security plugins to detect, report and block repeat offenders at the website level. These attacks are reported, researched and added to the Hacker Blocker Firewall in real-time.

Over 1,500,000,000 Hacker IPs Blocked

Hacker Blocker Firewall detects and blocks attacks on any of our client's websites. When one client is attacked, the attackers are blocked from all of our clients, instantly. The result: The more they attack us, the stronger our protection becomes.
90% of our blocks are from Russia, China, and Ukraine. We never block legitimate traffic.

Optimized for WordPress and Joomla CMS

wordpress drupal joomla

Our VPS servers are configured for maximum performance for any CMS, with features like PHP7 & 8, MySQL 5 and advanced caching options to speed up database-driven websites. Clients that transfer to our hosting see as much as a 300% increase in site speed!

Fully Managed Hosting

Hacker Blocker Hosting takes care of everything from setup of your server to migration of your data. We update your server's Operating Systems, cPanel and WHM versions, and can even handle your CMS updates. This frees up your time to do what you do best - run your business.

SEO ExpertsAdd Award-Winning SEO starting at $1000

Everyone wants to be in the top page of Google for their keywords. There can be only 10. Our proven system for Search Engine Optimization involves fixing your website, optimizing your content, submitting you to Google, Bing and hundreds of Directories, and building "Link Juice" to get you to the top of Google for your keywords.

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How Our Block List is Compiled

Hacker Attacks by CountryEvery day, websites, servers and PC are attacked by hackers and spammers. These cyber-criminals, 90% of them from overseas, continually bombard us with all types of attacks such as Brute Force attacks, Malicious User Agents, Virus Uploads, File Inclusions and plain-old identity theft.

We've created a system that reports attacks on websites and servers across the country to our central station; we then research their origin and if they are a hacker, add their IPs to our block list. Part of our research involves vetting these IPs with online reporting agencies, some of which we've partnered with to import their IP list into our database. This list is consolidated and exported from our Firewall daily, formatted into various file types, and made available to our subscribers. Our block list changes daily, as new IPs are reported, vetted, reviewed and added by our dedicated team.

Every one of the IPs in our list are proven Hackers, Spammers and 'Bad Bots', and we never block legitimate IP traffic.

Our system is designed so the more they attack us, the stronger our protection becomes.


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